I was always quite fit and active when I was young with playing netball, going for afternoon runs, etc. But my circuit and strength specific training and inspiration actually started when my older sister started going to the gym and was seeing amazing lifestyle changes and improvements. At this point I was only 15 and still had to wait another year before I was allowed to join a gym (strict parents alert)! So I saved up some coin, bought myself a few kettle bells and dumbbells and started my own circuit and strength training in my backyard and garage! Once I was old enough, I got myself a gym membership and started implementing a lot more strength focused sessions into my training. It was then when I realised that a combination of both HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength resistance (weights) was one of the most optimal ways to stay healthy and fit, as well as sculpt my goal body.

My philosophy on training is to keep changing what you're doing, keep your body guessing and to challenge the limits of your mind. To keep both my mind and body fit, I like variety in my training. Doing the exact same thing day to day can become boring after a while, which is why so many people lose motivation to train. 

I'd love to be given the opportunity to empower more women to feel confident in their own skin, give them my own personal tips to help them smash their health and fitness goals & to help them live their lives to their absolute full potential!